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Advent Pillar Candle: Four Weeks in Swedish

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först / andra / tredje / fjärde ... These are the calligraphic Swedish words on this Advent candle, translating to first / second / third / fourth and a new and beautifully simple way to illuminate the increasingly dark nights of Advent that lead to Christmas. With a burn time of approximately 70 hours, you can burn this candle for about 22 hours each weekend of Advent, or a perhaps three hours each night of Advent as you mark the passing four weeks of the season.

Made in Sweden, 100% stearin, which burns cleaner and more efficiently than paraffin. 6" tall x nearly 3" wide. As with all candles, take care in use. Burn in a draft-free spot, and do not burn unattended. We also offer a simple metal candle holder you may wish to use, too, when you burn your candle.

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