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Shaker Culinary Herbs: Mulling Spices

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This museful mulling spice is packaged in metal tins by the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community in New Gloucester, Maine. They first began selling herbs in 1799. Cinnamon chips, orange peel, allspice and cloves create a spicy, fragrant seasoning for apple cider but also for wine (don't let the "Mulled Cider Spice" label fool you). You can even use it to freshen the house: just simmer some mulling spices in water on the stove to fragrance the air. 1.7 ounces.

Shaker Mulling Spices are a key part of many Convivio celebrations, especially in autumn and winter from Hallowe'en all through the Twelve Days of Christmas. We suggest stocking up... we go through a few tins here at home each and every Christmas season! (And don't forget our Shaker Rose Water, which comes in handy each Christmas for making baklava and other seasonal baked goods, like our Three Kings' Cakes for Epiphany.)

The Sabbathday Lake Shakers' herbs are grown in gardens more than 200 years old, dried in a facility built in 1845, and packaged in tin canisters just like their forebears throughout the 1800s. Established in 1783, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is the only active Shaker Community in the world. It is America's oldest religious Community.

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