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Swedish Wooden "Candles" : Chime Candles

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Let's put these wooden decorative "candles" in the category of Adorable Things You Never Knew You Wanted. Sold in sets of 10; each little chime "candle" is just over 3" tall x about 1/2" wide. (N.B.: Adorable on their own, but these chime candles are just a wee bit too wide to fit our Swedish Christmas Tree candle holder, and they also will not fit our German pyramids. However, one of our customers wrote to say that with just a light and easy sanding with sand paper, she was able to use these wooden candles in her traditional Swedish wooden tree candle holder. These candles also make fine decorations for your tree or wreath just as they are.) Each set of 10 "candles" is handmade and hand painted in Sweden.



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