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Flour Sack Tea Towels: Winter Animals

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Kei & Molly & Company celebrate the winter season with this lovely big and thirsty kitchen towel. Molly's inspiration for this towel were the old Swiss paper cuts depicting cows being driven up the mountains, where they spend each Alpine summer. Molly adapted the design to feature animals of New Mexico making their way through a wintry forest. Each towel is just about 29" square and comes in your choice of olive green or red. Here's an idea: use one to wrap a kitchen-themed Christmas present... like a cookbook, for instance! 100% flour sack cotton; machine wash cold and tumble or line dry. You can iron them if you'd like, but we like ours a little wrinkly. These towels are loomed in Pakistan and hand printed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

These cotton flour sack towels are screen printed by hand by the artisans at Kei & Molly Textiles there in the high desert and we love their woman-owned company for more reasons than we count: they use eco-friendly inks in their shop and filter waste water to keep pigments out of their local water system; they operate almost completely on solar power; they create good jobs for immigrants and refugees in their community and sponsor the Kei & Molly Scholarship for immigrant students at their local high school. Theirs is a company driven by love, and that, we think, is the best way to run a company.

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