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German Christmas Pyramid: Angel Bakery with White Kitchen

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One of Germany's most enchanting Christmas traditions is the candle-lit pyramid, which families often place in the front window of their homes for passersby to see. This pyramid features a bakery where all the bakers are angels. They're baking bread and lebkuchen in their gleaming white kitchen. Most unusual in that it is not the figures on the base that revolve (as with most pyramids) but rather it is the three pieces of gingerbread that spin just beneath the propeller. A most beautiful piece!

This pyramid is handmade by artisans of the Christian Ulbricht Company; they've been making handmade wooden goods in Seiffen, in the heart of Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains, since 1928. This Christmas pyramid stands about 10 1/2" tall x 10 1/2" wide x 10 1/2" deep. All elements are hand turned, hand carved, hand painted. The rising heat from the burning candles causes the propellor to rotate, resulting in the magical motion (the whirling of those three gingerbread cakes). Includes four tea lights, and we sell the German tea lights year-round so you always know where to find them (though any standard tea light will do). Do not burn unattended; light candles only in a draft-free location.



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