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German Matchbox Scene: Santa's Wish List

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These matchbox scenes may be the most delightful things in our shop right now. We honestly just can't get enough of them, and you won't believe how much more beautiful they are in person (as opposed to a web page). We'll begin by telling you first of all that they are not the actual size of a matchbox. They operate the same way: there is a stiff paper box from which the wooden scene slides out. All of our German Matchbox Scenes measure 4" wide x 3" tall x 1 1/2" deep... so, much larger than a standard matchbox. These will fit fully in the palm of your hand.

The stiff paper box is beautifully printed in full color with the German message Frohes Fest: "Happy Holidays." Slide the wooden box out, and a wondrous miniature scene is revealed: in this case, Santa Claus at home with a book filled with the wishes of the world. It's a warm and cozy house he's got, filled with toys and a Christmas tree. These components and the matchbox are all made of painted and natural wood. The background scene is printed paper.

Perhaps the most charming, loveliest gift you can bestow upon someone. Handmade from carved and turned wood and handpainted by artisans of the Graupner Workshop in Crottendorf, in the heart of Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains. The workshop, noted for their bold use of color, is run by Kordula & Ronald Graupner and their 15 employeesWe have other handmade matchbox scenes by the Graupners, as well!

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