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German Nutcracker : Bavarian with Fabric Hat

German Nutcracker : Bavarian with Fabric Hat

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This Bavarian guy is wearing one of the traditional conical hats we see at Oktoberfest each year; the main difference is the hat, in this case, is made of fabric, not wood, just like one of the actual hats. Handmade of glazed and painted woods; he holds a beer stein in one hand and a radish in the other. His beard and hair are lush faux fur. Handmade by artisans of the Christian Ulbricht Company; they've been making nutcrackers by hand in Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains, where wooden nutcrackers first originated, since 1928.

This is a working nutcracker (the lever in back operates his jaws). He stands 11" tall x 4" wide x 4" deep. Handmade in Germany.



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