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German Nutcracker : Large Nostalgic Santa

German Nutcracker : Large Nostalgic Santa

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Santa Claus wasn't always the portly guy we're so familiar with today. Maybe because in Northern Europe he walked or rode a donkey on occasion –– none of this flying reindeer business. This nutcracker hearkens back to those more svelte years. Elegantly dressed in red and green glazed woods with a fabric cap and plenty of cozy fleece lining. Handmade by artisans at the Christian Ulbricht Company (they've been making nutcrackers by hand in Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains, where wooden nutcrackers first originated, since 1928).

This is a working nutcracker (the lever in back operates his jaws), made by hand of solid natural finish and glazed woods. Santa's beard and hair are lush faux fur. About 16 3/4" tall x 5 3/4" wide x 5 1/2" deep. Handmade in Germany.



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