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Lars Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries, Stirred with Sugar

Lars Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries, Stirred with Sugar

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Handpicked in the Lapland forests of Sweden, these wild lingonberries are the essential topping for Swedish pancakes and waffles. They are equal parts sweet and tart. They’re a perfect complement to savory dishes like roasted pork, roasted turkey, and Swedish meatballs. Also wonderful with yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, atop cheesecake and served alongside soft cheeses. All natural and rich in antioxidants, very similar to the American cranberry. Packed in a glass jar. 14.1 ounces (400 grams). Imported from Sweden.

Oh, and how's this for an excellent gift idea: Order Lars Own Swedish Pancake Mix, Lars Own Vanilla Powdered Sugar, along with these wild lingonberries and put them all in a basket. Make it even better by adding one of our Löfbergs ground coffees, and you've got the perfect gift of comforting Swedish fika enjoyment.

Ingredients: Wild lingonberries (50%), sugar (35%), water (9.4%), contains less than 2% each of pectin and citric acid.

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