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Murano Glass Pens, Handmade in Italy

  • 2950

These beautiful Murano glass pens are made by hand by artisans in Venice, Italy. It may seem counterintuitive that a glass nib could make for beautiful writing, but we think you'll be most pleasantly surprised with how satisfying it is to use, not to mention how gorgeous the pen is. Completely made by hand from molten glass. A swirl of colored glass inside clear glass: there are six colors to choose from. Each pen comes with a small bottle of ink, so this pen is ready to use: just dip the nib lightly in the ink and begin writing.

Each pen is about 8" long. No two are alike, of course. Handmade in Italy and packaged in a lovely gift box. Paired with our Italian writing papers, you've got a gift idea any faithful correspondent would appreciate.



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