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Shaker Your Plate: Of Shaker Cooks and Cooking by Sister Frances A. Carr

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Our friend Sister Frances Carr, who left this world in January 2017, was one of the best cooks around. She prepared good food in the Shaker tradition: wholesome, comforting, delicious. Her cookbook is a perennial favorite, now in its tenth printing and second edition. Includes more than 100 pages of recipes and 50 pages of history and anecdotes about some of the Shaker cooks who had influenced Sister Frances' cooking, while giving insight into the Sabbathday Lake Shakers at work in the kitchen, herb and vegetable gardens, dairy, and orchard. Pen and ink illustrations.

Shaker Your Plate was published by the Shaker Press (where I interned as a grad student in letterpress printing) and is a trade edition book (not handmade, not letterpress... but a fine book all the same), perfect bound in softcover. A real delight. 162 pages, 2002.

Update August 15, 2023: We just found one more new copy of this book in our stock and here it is, available now. This book, however, is now out of print. Brother Arnold at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community tells us that he is looking into another printing of this book. Sister Frances would have liked that. Hopefully we'll have more to offer you soon, but for now... just this one copy!

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