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Tårtljus: Swedish Birthday Candles

Tårtljus: Swedish Birthday Candles

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Tårtljus is Swedish for "cake candles"... better known here in the States as birthday candles. But maybe the Swedes have it right: why should you wait for a birthday to make your cake more celebratory?

These colorful paraffin candles are dipped by hand in Sweden. Each tapered cake candle is about 4" tall and about 3/8" wide at its base. We sell them in pairs that share the same wick (a sure sign that they are dipped by hand) in six different colors: white, golden yellow, turquoise, cerise, orange, and spring green. Order the colors you'd like, or get one pair of each for a special price.

As with all candles, take care in use. Burn in a draft-free spot, and do not burn unattended.

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