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CHRISTMAS STOCK-UP SALE! Since we can't show at street fair markets this year, we're bringing the street fairs to you with a special deal: $10 off your order when you spend $75, plus free domestic shipping (a total savings of $18.50). Use code STREETFAIR at checkout.

If you're ordering handmade books or framed broadsides as presents for Christmas or Hanukkah, do let us know so we can speed the process as much as possible to get your presents to you in a timely manner.

Letterpress is the place where we began, and letterpress is what we love. It may be a digital world, but there is real joy in being connected to real things made by real people using real materials. Perhaps that's why there's been such a great revival in recent years in letterpress and the book arts in general. iPads and Kindles are just fine and part of the evolution of the book... if all you're seeking is information. Books and broadsides by Convivio Bookworks are about something larger: this experience of the handmade object. All of our books are limited editions, printed and bound by hand, very often from historic wood and metal types. Sometimes we have to bind them to order and this can take a few days or even weeks, so do keep this in mind when ordering. As for broadsides, letterpress printers have been making these for centuries. Basically, a broadside is something printed on one side of a sheet of paper, which is a very different sort of challenge than making a book. Early on, broadsides were likely to carry political messages; today, the format is more a vehicle for the artistry of typography and the printer's craft. It's a wonderful match to good text: like poetry for your walls. All of our broadsides, unless noted as an open edition, are limited editions. Just like our books, they are printed by hand.