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A Whole Nother Kettle of Fish

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Found among the papers of R. Chambers and edited by John Cutrone

This quirky illustrated collection of fish tales is gathered from the vast pages of one of our favorite books, the Chambers Bros' Book of Days, printed in Edinburgh, 1869. Includes the odd story of the Book-Fish, as well as the perplexing phenomenon of Showers of Animals, examples of the various Strange Fish taken from the sea, and the miracle of St. Anthony of Padua preaching to the fishes. Printed letterpress in an edition of 145 copies on Nideggan paper and casebound in end sheets of blue Fabriano Ingres. 32 pages. 1998.

We offer this book in its regular bound edition at $95, but also offer it in pierced, unbound sheets for bookbinders who want to bind it in their own way: $65 for the book in sheets.


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