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B Mine: Letterpress Postcards/Miniprints

B Mine: Letterpress Postcards/Miniprints

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We printed these especially for Valentine's Day, but no one says that's the only time you can use them. Standard postcard size letterpress prints on recycled French Speckletone paper. Each one is printed by hand from historic wood and metal types on the Vandercook 4 printing press in our Lake Worth studio. We printed them in three different reds: Pantone Red 032, Pantone Rhodamine Red, and then a bastard red we mixed up on our own). Let us choose for you.

A word about shipping: If this is the only thing you're ordering today, we'll charge you considerably less than our standard flat rate $8.50 shipping. Although your order will say "Flat Rate Shipping $8.50," when it comes time to actually charge your card, we'll charge you a much more appropriate rate. There are just two of us working here, so we can do things like that!

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