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Copperman's Day 2017: Wes Hel

Copperman's Day 2017: Wes Hel

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For our fourth annual Copperman's Day, we've chosen an Old English toast: "Wes Hel!" means "Be of good health!" It is the predecessor to another Old English toast, "Wassail!"... which is also a strong and hearty drink that goes along well with words like "Huzzah!" and "Cheers!" This year, we wish you the gift of good health.

Copperman's Day is an old Dutch printer's holiday. It falls on the First Monday after Epiphany, each January. It was traditional on this day for printer's apprentices in Holland to receive the day off to work on their own projects––usually small printed keepsakes that they'd sell for a copper.

These miniprints happen to be standard postcard size. Each is printed by hand from historic wood and metal types on the Vandercook 4 printing press in our Lake Worth studio on recycled French Speckletone papers.

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