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Face Masks from Mexico


NOW: NEW LOWER PRICE on face masks: $10 each. International orders: Contact us via email before you order... we can ship to you for $1 per mask if you write us first.

Update July 28, 2021: If you, like us, are fully vaccinated against Covid-19: Congratulations! We've fought a good fight to get here, and those of us who are fully vaccinated can now resume most normal activities. Here are the current CDC guidelines for the wearing of masks to slow the spread of Covid-19, updated in response to the proliferation of the Delta variant in the US. Masks are still required for traveling, and if you are not vaccinated, it is recommended that you wear a mask in most public settings.

So, should we ditch the mask if we're vaccinated? Here in our home state, a large number of people remain unvaccinated, and the Delta variant is causing our numbers to rise dramatically. We have opted to continue wearing masks in public settings.  And then there's this: while typically a cold bug will sweep through our house two or three times a year, none of us in our family has had even the sniffles since mask wearing began. As for us, though we are fully vaccinated, we are going to continue wearing our masks in public, especially in indoor settings or in large gatherings of people, indoors or out. Not just to protect ourselves from Covid-19, but also from colds and flu and other infectious diseases. We want to maintain that good health track record.

If you work in a setting that requires face masks, if you are unable to be vaccinated, if you do not wish to be vaccinated, or if you live in parts of the world where vaccines are not as readily available, or if you are fully vaccinated and wish to err on the side of caution (that's our approach): our face masks are an excellent option. These triple layer masks come to us from an extended family in Chiapas, Mexico. The family's income, based mostly on tourism, came to a grinding halt in March of 2020... but being resourceful, they turned their skills toward making embroidered face masks that summer.

We just received one last shipment of masks in May, and now, the family has decided to focus again on their traditional hand-embroidered wares. We'll continue to sell their masks (and we've lowered the price to only $10, too!) but we've also begun offering some of their other wares––beautiful handmade table runners, embroidered ornaments, and handwoven textile market bags––you'll find their work on our catalog pages now. We have been so pleased to bring their work to you and to partner with you to help them through a tough time, and it is our goal to always support them this way, through your transactional support. From us and them: Thank you!