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Ramadan & Eid al Fitr

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Mother's Day is Sunday May 12. Father's Day is Sunday June 16. Join us for the Grand Opening of our Lake Worth Beach shop on Friday June 21, Saturday June 22, & Sunday June 23: It's a Midsummer Celebration at 1110 North G Street!

In 2025, Ramadan is predicted to begin on the evening of February 28 or March 1. The start of the holiday depends on the first sighting of the new moon, and continues to the start of Eid al-Fitr, which should begin on March 30. We're so pleased to bring you greeting cards for Ramadan & Eid from our friend Manal Aman, who runs a small company called Hello Holy Days! north of the 49th Parallel. All of Manal's cards are designed by her and made there in Canada. Bringing them to you is part of our mission of building bridges, which we think are so much better than walls.

And Manal loves the fact that our Shaker Rose Water contains no alcohol. It's an old and essential flavoring in many Middle Eastern desserts.