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Hafi Swedish Plum Peach Green Tea Beverage: Ready to Drink

Hafi Swedish Plum Peach Green Tea Beverage: Ready to Drink

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Our new bottled beverages from Hafi are so unusual and so delicious! They're like summertime in Sweden captured in a glass bottle. No added sugars, sweetened only with the fruit used to make them, these ready-to-drink beverages are wonderful thirst quenchers and a fine non-alcoholic alternative for your next celebration (especially a Midsommar gathering). 8.45 fluid ounces (250 ml). Available in two traditional flavor combinations: Strawberry Rhubarb and Elderflower Ginger, as well as this more contemporary combination: Plum Peach Green Tea. Recyclable metal twist top. Recyclable glass bottle. Imported from Sweden. Delightfully refreshing!

Ingredients: Water, juice from concentrate (pear, lemon, peach), fruit extract, natural flavoring.

Hafi takes its name from "Hallands Fruktindustri" or, in English, Hallands Fruit Industry. The small preserves company, based in Brännarp, in Hallands County on the west coast of Sweden, was founded in 1938 by Karl Dellgren. Today, there are five generations of Karl's family running the business: it is run by the Bjurklint Family (Karl's grandson Hans and his wife Gunilla and their extended family) and some 40 employees.



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