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Anis de Flavigny: Les Petits Anis Gift Set (Assorted French Mints)

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Un bien bon bonbon! Pure simplicity: each flavor of these wonderful mints is made from just 3 or 4 natural ingredients. This is a gift set of five 18g boxes that fit nicely in your pocket... this assortment includes five flavors: Violet, Rose, Lemon, Mint, and the original Anis de Flavigny flavor, Anise. These are crunchy miniature versions of the originals, meant to melt slowly in your mouth, rather than be chewed. Each has a lovely green anise seed at its heart. Each box holds almost .65 ounces for a total of 3.18 ounces (90g). A lovely little hostess gift... or break open the package and you'll have five excellent stocking stuffers! Made in France, in the village of Flavigny in the heart of the Burgundy region, for over 400 years now: the company began making these anise seed candies in 1591. 

Ingredients: Sugar, natural flavors, and green anise seeds. Ingredients for the individual flavors are as follows: Anis contains sugar, natural star anise flavor, and a green anise seed. Violette contains sugar, natural flavor, a green anise seed, and violet extract. Rose contains sugar, natural flavors, a green anise seed, and rose extract. Citron contains sugar, natural flavor, a green anise seed, and lemon extract. Menthe contains sugar, natural mint flavor, and a green anise seed. NO ALLERGENS.

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