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Tin Nicho: Los Novios (Bride & Groom Calaveras)

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Here's a lovely pair of calavera newlyweds: Los Novios. The calaveras are made by hand from clay, then painted and decorated by hand, then set inside a traditional tin nicho that is also cut, painted, and decorated by hand. Each is about 9 1/2" tall x 7" wide and has both a hook for hanging on a door or wall and a stand for displaying on a shelf or table. Made by hand from painted tin, clay, glass, paper and other mixed media by artisans in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The colors and painted messages vary according to the whims of the artisans; we've divided our stock into two types for you to choose from: those for the living (which, by the way, would work for the dead, as well), and those for the dead, which would be perfect on your ofrenda. The ones for the living have the messages Eternamente juntos and Por siempre juntos, both of which translate to "Together forever." The ones for the dead have the message Juntos hasta en el cielo: "Together up in heaven."

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