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1858 Potpourri Sachet from the Sabbathday Lake Shakers

  • 1800

In 1858, Shaker Eldress Hester Ann Adams of the Sabbathday Lake Community developed this delightful, fragrant, and attractive blend of lavender flowers, rose buds and petals, essential oils and spices. The Shaker Community at Sabbathday Lake continues to make this potpourri according to Eldress Hester's receipt, or recipe.

For these sachets, the Shakers pack 2.8 ounces of this wonderful potpourri in each lovely linen sachet pouch. The pouch is printed with Eldress Hester’s photograph, taken from a cabinet card photograph in the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Library collection, and a note in her handwriting, also from their collection. It reads, Affectionately yours, Hester Ann Adams.

We can't even begin to describe how wonderful the aroma is. Cinnamon and orange notes are at the forefront, with a hint of lavender. If you think of potpourri as cloying, Eldress Hester's receipt may just change your mind; it did ours. Hang in a closet or use as a room or drawer freshener. Not intended for food or drink, of course; Eldress Hester's blend simply makes things smell wonderful. Measures 6" x 4.5" x 2"; contains 2.8 ounces of potpourri. An all-around delightful little gift, perfect for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers at Christmas, or a lovely Valentine for your sweetheart.

Eldress Hester's 1858 Potpourri is also available in 1.6 ounce tins.

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