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Advent Calendar: Little Town

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It's hard to choose a favorite from all our Advent calendars, but this one is way up there and a definite contender. All is quiet in this sleepy little village at the start of December, with all the shop doors closed. But with each passing day of Advent, another shop opens its doors or windows, and finally, on Christmas Eve, the church doors open. Historically significant, too: this calendar design was first released by printer Richard Sellmer in 1946. In the years that followed, this design was a favorite even of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Beautiful stars, lovely glitter. As for us, we're particularly curious to peer inside the doors and windows of the print shop (das verlag) at the left end of this calendar. Over 30" wide x almost 9" tall, this calendar folds twice creating three panels, so it stands on its own. Made in Germany.



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