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Copperman's Day 2021: Dona Nobis Pacem

Copperman's Day 2021: Dona Nobis Pacem

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The year leading up to this Copperman's Day, we probably all can agree, was a tumultuous one, but we are feeling good again about the future. Our Copperman's Day print for 2021 is inspired by the famous round for three parts that is sung in so many Christmas Revels performances (and, in our experience, one memorable bus trip through Alabama). This year's message: Dona Nobis Pacem: Grant Us Peace. It is a short prayer originating with the Agnus Dei of the Latin Mass. Some attribute the melody to Mozart, but there is no solid evidence for that; most songbooks just list the tune as "traditional," which is fine by us. It is an old church song that has made the crossover to the secular world, and no wonder: our wish for peace is a universal one.

As for Copperman's Day: it is an old Dutch printer's holiday, falling on the First Monday after Epiphany each January. It was traditional on this day for printers' apprentices in Holland to receive the day off to work on their own projects––usually small printed keepsakes that they'd sell for a copper.

These miniprints happen to be standard postcard size. Each is printed by hand from historic wood and metal types in multiple, separate print runs on the Vandercook 4 printing press in our Lake Worth studio on recycled French Speckletone papers.

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