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Advent Pillar Candle: Three Kings

  • 3000

Here's a larger, longer burning version of our original daily advent candles. This one features a three kings design. We'll be lighting our advent pillar candle each evening from the First of December, burning the candle down just enough to mark each passing December night. It takes about two and a half hours to burn from one day's marker to the next. Made by hand in England. 10" tall. This is a beautifully simple way to mark the days of Advent. As with all candles, take care in use. Burn in a draft-free spot, and do not burn unattended.

Now a vintage item; sadly, the company that had made these candles for years has decided to cease production, so once our stock is depleted, it's gone forever. We've seen these candles now fetching upwards of $40 apiece at some online sources (if they can be found at all). For now, we're selling our remaining stock currently at $30 apiece, and bringing in some new daily advent candles from England and Sweden, too. The English candles have arrived; the Swedish candles are taking a long tour of the Atlantic and probably won't arrive until Christmas (Santa is bringing them).

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