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Devil Postcard/Miniprint: Letterpress, Linocut

Devil Postcard/Miniprint: Letterpress, Linocut

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Cab Calloway famously sang "You've got me caught between the devil and the deep blue sea" in a 1931 recording of what is now a famous American Songbook song by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler. Ella Fitzgerald recorded the song, too, in 1955, and we listen to it every Hallowe'en night. These are the things we immediately thought of when we first saw this print from our friends at Horse & Hare in Winchester, Virginia. This mischievous devil is hand carved in linoleum and printed by hand on heavy chipboard. 5" x 7".  If using as a postcard, you'll need a first class letter stamp (not a postcard stamp, as this is a larger than standard postcard). What mesmerizing eyes!

Kerry & Neil Stavely are the proprietors of Horse & Hare. They print these cards on their 1909 Chandler & Price Old Style printing press.


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