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German Christmas Ornament: Krampus

German Christmas Ornament: Krampus

  • 1800

Santa Claus may rule the roost here in America in terms of magical folks delivering presents, but there are other gift bearers besides him. On the night of December 5, which is St. Nicholas Eve, St. Nicholas travels through Northern Europe bringing presents to good boys and girls. In many places he is accompanied by a dark figure known as Krampus. He is a bit of a devil, with one hooved foot and horns, and he carries a switch to deal with the kids who were perhaps a bit naughty. We like that balance of sweet and scary; our Krampus ornament, though, is definitely on the sweet side. Handmade from wood and painted by artisans in Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains. Krampus stands just almost 2.5" tall.

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