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German Christmas Pyramid: Extra Large Adventshaus Angel Bakery

German Christmas Pyramid: Extra Large Adventshaus Angel Bakery

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One of Germany's most enchanting Christmas traditions is the candle-lit pyramid, which families often place in the front window of their homes for passersby to see. This beautiful extra large pyramid –– don't let the photo fool you: it's nearly 21" tall! –– is of the Adventshaus style. These house-shaped pyramids date back to at least the 1950s and the Expertic workshops of the GDR.

This contemporary Adventshaus pyramid is made by the artisans of the Richard Glaesser Company in Seiffen in the heart of Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains. Eight very busy angels run this bakery, where all sorts of delicious Christmas cookies are being made. Two of the sweetest details in this pyramid: there is a wooden pretzel hanging from above the window so everyone knows this is the village bakery, and we really love the upper office. The two doors to the office, just below the pretzel sign, can remain closed, if you wish, but open them to reveal the angelic business manager taking a telephone order for more pretzels.

Handmade in Germany by artisans of the Erzgebirge Mountains. This is our grandest Christmas pyramid. It stands about 21" tall x 12 1/2" wide x 11" deep. All elements are hand turned, hand carved, hand painted. Solid wood with four metal candle holders and a turning propeller. The rising heat from the burning candles causes the propellor to rotate, resulting in the magical motion. We'll include a box of authentic German pyramid candles. Do not burn unattended; light candles only in a draft-free location.

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