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German Hand Carved Flying Witch

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A goodly old bespectacled witch, flying on her broomstick. There's a black cat perched on her left shoulder, going along for the ride. The broomstick is made of bound twigs. This lovely piece is handmade by artisans of the Dregeno Company, a cooperative of woodworkers founded in 1919 in Seiffen, in the heart of Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains. We have similar hand carved pieces from Dregeno for Christmas and for Easter: Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny and this kind witch all wear similar wide-legged britches and are all this same large size.

Carved by hand in wood with some woodturned elements, painted by hand. About 9 1/2" tall x 3" wide x 3.5" deep. Each is unique, so your piece may not look exactly like the one you see here, but it will be close. Handmade in Germany.

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