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German Nutcracker : Large Rocking Horse King, Natural Finish

German Nutcracker : Large Rocking Horse King, Natural Finish

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A most unusual nutcracker! Our traditional royal king is out on an equestrian expedition and it is, naturally, a rocking horse that he rides upon. Handmade by artisans of the Christian Ulbricht Company; they've been making nutcrackers by hand in Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains, where wooden nutcrackers first originated, since 1928.

This is a working nutcracker (the lever in back operates his jaws), made by hand of solid natural finish and hand painted woods. This king's white hair and beard are lush faux fur, and so is his horse's mane. About 9 1/4" tall x 10" wide x 4" deep. The horse does indeed rock. A lovely piece! Handmade in Germany.

Update September 24, 2023: Inventory Tracker states we have 2 of these nutcrackers, but one of those is still on its way from Germany. One is currently in stock and ready to ship. And hopefully we can get even more yet before Christmastime!



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