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German Nutcracker: Peg Leg Pete

German Nutcracker: Peg Leg Pete

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Sixty men all lost at sea, All of them drunk except for me. 'Twas I who had to face the storm, With nothing in sight to keep me warm. Yo ho ho ho, Over the raging sea we go, Yo ho ho ho, Wherever the fore winds blow, hey!

Those are lyrics from "Over the Raging Sea," one of the songs from Garfield's Hallowe'en Adventure, in which Garfield the Cat and Odie the Dog dress up as pirates for trick-or-treating. And now, from the Christian Ulbricht Company (they've been making nutcrackers by hand in Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains, where wooden nutcrackers first originated, since 1928) comes a new collection of nutcrackers, incense smokers, and pyramids for the spooky season, and Peg Leg Pete here reminds us of Garfield and Odie: Pete's hat is just like the ones Garfield and Odie wore, making him perfect for Hallowe'en, but he'd also be welcome with the rest of your nutcracker collection.

This is a working nutcracker (the lever in back operates his jaws), made by hand of solid natural finish woods. The top of Pete's hat is solid wood, too, while the sides are made of felt. There's a feather in his cap and his beard and dark hair are lush faux fur. Nearly 10" tall x 4" wide x 3 1/2" deep. Handmade in Germany.

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