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German Premium Nutcracker: Santa MacNick

German Premium Nutcracker: Santa MacNick

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Santa MacNick plays the bagpipe in Scotland in the off-season. He was made in a limited edition of 2,500 pieces and is fully dressed in tartan and velvet. This is a substantially larger nutcracker (compared to most of our others) with added special details like buckled shoes, a sporran, and bagpipes, of course––hence the premium moniker. Handmade by artisans of the Christian Ulbricht Company; they've been making nutcrackers by hand in Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains, where wooden nutcrackers first originated, since 1928.

This is a working nutcracker (the lever in back operates his jaws), made by hand of solid natural finish woods. His beard and white hair are lush faux fur. Just about 20" tall x 8" wide x 7" deep. Perfect not just for Christmas, our Scotsman will gladly keep you company in your home all the year long. Handmade in Germany.



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