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Hand Carved Crucifix from Ukraine

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Hand carved in wood by artisans in Ukraine, this cross is sent to us by our friend Kyrylo Cherniak in Lviv, in western Ukraine. We are doing what we can right now to support the artisans there, and purchasing these pieces from them feels to us like the best way we can make a positive impact on the folks who live there.

Made of two pieces of wood mitered together at the crux. The top surface of the crucifix is carved by hand. About 9" tall x 4 1/2" wide. There is a hole in the back for hanging on a nail. No two are alike. Handmade in Ukraine.

Update January 2, 2024: THANK YOU for your support of our fundraising efforts on behalf of our friend Kyrylo Cherniak and the Ukrainian artisans he works with. Between our purchases of these artisan goods and your transactional support in purchasing them, we've been able to send over $4,000 since the Russian invasion of Ukraine to Kyrylo in support of those artisans and in support of Kyrylo's efforts in helping his fellow citizens of Lviv and other parts of Ukraine in their time of crisis. We're in touch with Kyrylo as often as he can write. His most recent correspondence, received last November, is sobering:

Hi John,
Seems our war wouldn't end soon. I cannot understand how Ukraine can beat this international terrorist single-handedly. Yes, the world helps us with weapons and money, but so little that we simply have nothing with which to fight anymore. And Russia is only accelerating. I have a bad feeling about this protracted war. The world is blind. If things continue like they are now, we will be devoured. 1-2 years and there will be scorched earth without people. Already out of 40 million, 10 million have left for other countries, and they will not return after the war, since in 2 years you can assimilate in another country. I have already buried 2 friends and acquaintances who died from the Russians. 2 were so wounded that they would never return to the front, one in captivity for more than a year, one disappeared altogether.

Today there was a farewell ceremony in the central square of my city, Rynok Square. A month ago we buried my friend. And this happens every day in my city, every day 1-5 warriors, Lviv residents, return dead. And this is what the cemetery of our soldiers, specifically Lviv citizens, looks like:

In general, the situation is very tense, I personally feel about the same as in March 2022, when there was uncertainty.

Yours sincerely,

We'll continue to send financial support to Kyrylo as best we can. As long as the artisans there are making things and as long as Kyrylo can send them our way, we can continue to support them by purchasing what they make. When you purchase these items, too, it translates to real support for real people who are just trying to make a living and to make the best of a terrible situation. It is all we know to do, all we know to help. We thank you immensely.  –– John & Seth, Convivio Bookworks

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