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Handmade Wooden Bunny Ornament from Germany

Handmade Wooden Bunny Ornament from Germany

  • 1800

When I was a kid (this is John from Convivio Bookworks speaking), my Easter baskets were always filled with the best candy and with wooden bunny ornaments from Germany (East Germany, back then), and there was always one ornament hanging from the handle of the basket. Here is one just like it. It's a little wooden bunny sitting in a nest, surrounded by brightly colored Easter eggs. It has a string for hanging, just like mine did. An adorably diminutive 1.25" tall. Handmade from wood and painted by hand by artisans of Germany's Erzgebirge Mountains, a region famous for its woodworking tradition (in what used to be the German Democratic Republic in the days before unification). 

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