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Hanukkah Beeswax Candles, Box of 45, Hand Dipped

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Light up your Hanukkah celebration with the warm glow of these hand dipped 100% pure beeswax taper candles from our friends at Big Dipper Wax Works in Seattle. 45 handmade candles in each box to carry you through the entire Festival of Lights, and each candle burns for about 75 minutes, giving you plenty of time to sing a Hanukkah song or two each night and spin the dreidel, too.

These candles are hand dipped in small batches to ensure beauty and quality and come in your choice of multicolor or natural (honey) beeswax. 100% cotton wicks. Naturally aromatic: because they are pure beeswax, these candles emit a subtle scent of honey as they burn, and they burn clean and soot-free, too (as long as the burning candles are kept away from drafts). Handmade in Seattle, USA.

As with all candles, take care in use. Burn in a draft-free spot, and do not burn unattended. Your beeswax tapers may arrive with a "bloom" on their surface; worry not: this is your guarantee that they are indeed made of pure beeswax. If desired, you may wipe the candles with a soft cloth to restore their natural luster.



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