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Keep Lake Worth Quirky: Letterpress Postcards/Miniprints

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Portlanders may want to keep their city weird, but Lake Worth pretty much owns quirky, and we who live here in El Dub rather like it this way. 2013 was the centennial year of our great city, and to celebrate, we printed these miniprints, which also happen to be standard postcard size. Each one is printed by hand from historic wood and metal types on the Vandercook 4 printing press in our Lake Worth studio. In fact, each print was cranked through the press four separate times. Labor intensive, but worth it. The set of three miniprints is tied up in baker's twine. They look pretty awesome framed all in a row. You can also order just one; we'll choose one for you when you do.

And while out city may have decided in a recent vote (by a very slim margin, we might add) to add the word "Beach" to its name, some of us who have been here a long time still call the place what it was called for well over a hundred years: Good Old Lake Worth.

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