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Klett Schokolade Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Ornaments

Klett Schokolade Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Ornaments

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New for Christmas 2022: We've found THE most delicious chocolates in Germany and have brought them here to you –– at least if you're local to Lake Worth and don't mind stopping by for a front porch pick up (or we'll gladly deliver to you if you live in the vicinity of Lake Worth Beach): Our apologies, but this item is too delicate for us to ship.

Klett Schokolade is a family business begun in 1953 in Nehren, Germany, in Baden-Württemberg. They source only the finest ingredients with no artificial additives and, just for good measure, their ingredients are all non-GMO, too.

All of the chocolates in this assortment are foil-wrapped hollow milk chocolate ornaments in the shapes of bells, pine cones, and balls. Each has a golden string attached so you can hang the chocolates on your tree. Contents of each bag varies, but the weight of each bag is always about 7.1 oz (200 grams). The full bag measures about 11".

We met a woman in November at the Swedish Julmarknad (the local Swedish Christmas Market) who was so excited to see these. She bought a bag to give to her husband, whose grandfather remembers finding these on the family Christmas tree each year in Germany. Back then, he and his sister would remove the ones they could reach from the Christmas tree, carefully unwrap them, eat the chocolate... and then close up the foil again and hang the empty foil wrappers back on the tree! We love when our offerings inspire your memories and stories. That's what it's all about for us.

Ingredients: Sugar, milk, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, lactose, soy lecithin. May contain: wheat, almonds, hazelnuts.

Sorry, due to its delicate nature, this item is not available for shipment. Locals may order for front porch pick up or for free delivery in the coastal Lake Worth area. Any questions? Contact us at Thank you!

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