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Krampus Postcard/Miniprint: Letterpress, Linocut

Krampus Postcard/Miniprint: Letterpress, Linocut

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"Grüße vom Krampus" translates from the German to "Greetings from Krampus".... But who is Krampus? Well, in Germany and Austria and the Netherlands and other such places in Northern Europe, St. Nicholas's Day on the 6th of December is a very big deal. The evening before is St. Nicholas's Eve, when the good saint travels the land delivering small presents for good children. St. Nick, however, has a dark companion, who goes by many names... but in Germany, he is called Krampus, and Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) is another name there for St. Nicholas's Eve. It is Krampus's job to deal with the children who have been not so good. He carries a switch and a chain and a sack of coal that he sometimes uses to steal bad children away. A bit terrifying, yes, but also all good fun. Here in Lake Worth, at the American German Club west of town, there is a Christkindlmarkt (or Christmas Market) one weekend each December... but on the Friday night before the Christmas Market, we celebrate Krampusnacht there. It is wonderfully dark and mysterious and great fun!

This mischievous Krampus print comes from our friends at Horse & Hare in Winchester, Virginia. It is hand carved in linoleum and printed by hand on heavy chipboard. 5" x 7".  If using as a postcard, you'll need a first class letter stamp (not a postcard stamp, as this is a larger than standard postcard). While this version is a postcard, the same design is also available as a card that comes in your choice of white or kraft paper, packaged with an envelope... click here for that version.

Kerry & Neil Stavely are the proprietors of Horse & Hare. They print these cards on their 1909 Chandler & Price Old Style printing press.


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