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Loteria de Muertos (Day of the Dead Loteria Game)

  • 1350

This special version of the traditional Loteria game is made especially for Dia de Los Muertos. The game is played a lot like Bingo. In our house, we play it on Hallowe'en night and at Dia de Los Muertos and very often on New Year's Eve, too. Each set includes 10 tablas (playing boards) and 54 cards; shuffle the cards and turn them over one at a time, calling out the name of the card. Each player places a marker (traditionally a dried bean, though coins work nicely, too) on the image of the card if they find it on their tabla. Whoever fills their tabla first, wins! Tablas measure 8" x 5 1/4"; cards are standard playing card size.

Great fun! The newest batch we’ve received has no package headers, but back when they did, here's what the package said: Diviértete con el juego 100% mexicano además de conservar las tradiciones mas hermosas de nuestra cultura. "Have fun with the 100% Mexican game while preserving the most beautiful traditions of our culture." We couldn't agree more. Printed in Zapopan in Jalisco, Mexico.

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