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Mexican Market Bags: Striped Hand Loomed Cotton

  • 3900

The same extended family that makes our Hand Embroidered Otomi Market Bags makes these market bags, too, in the same manner: loomed by hand from 100% cotton on a waist loom. Large, strong. Holds quite a lot! Sturdy handles attach to the bag by braided straps; the braids are created from the loose strands left after the weaving is complete. Each bag measures about 27" from bottom to top of handle; the bag itself is 15" x 15". We call them market bags, but they're also beautifully fashionable. Each is handmade, so each is absolutely unique, so keep in mind the one you receive is not necessarily going to be exactly what you see here in the photos... but it will be in the same general color scheme. We are so pleased to bring these to you!

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