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Mexican Nativity, Miniature, from Puebla

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Traditional miniature nativity set, molded from clay, fired, and painted by hand by artisans in the State of Puebla, Mexico. Fourteen pieces to the set: Mother Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and Angel, five barn animals, two shepherds, and los Tres Reyes Magos, the three kings. Very sweet, almost elegant in its simplicity. The little detailed brush strokes of color are just beautiful.

We show a nativity set here that is mostly white and gold, but the general color of each set varies by the whim of the artisan. The color theme is focused on the garments worn by the figures. The color theme you choose will carry through the set. Set of 14, handmade by artisans in Puebla. Tallest piece in each set is about 2 1/4" tall.


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