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Mexican Tin Stars: Mirrored Ornament, in Silver

  • 1400

Here is a very traditional Mexican ornament to decorate your Christmas tree, your wreaths, your garland... also a lovely addition to illuminated candle displays, as they really catch and reflect the light: even more so than our regular tin stars from Mexico, as these have a mirror added on both sides, too, for added sparkle. These lovely ornaments are hand-cut, punched, and joined by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico. Each one is 4 1/2" across, and has a hook for hanging.

Beautifully simple. The double-sidedness gives these unpainted mirrored ornaments greater depth and interest and sparkle. For even more sparkle, we suggest using them in multiples. Order them singly, or order a set of three for a special price. 

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