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Riegelein Foil Wrapped Large Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

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New for Easter and Springtime 2024: We've found THE most delicious chocolates in Germany and have brought them here to you. Hans Riegelein & Sohn is a family business begun in 1953 in Caldozburg, Germany, near Nuremberg. Today, they are one of the leading manufacturers of chocolates in Europe.

Each of these large delicious hollow milk chocolate eggs is wrapped in colorful springtime foil, and each is about 2" tall x 1 1/2" wide (much larger than a typical solid chocolate egg). Fair trade cocoa, made in Germany.

Each bag contains 10.58 oz (300 grams), which amounts to at least 16 delicious large foil wrapped eggs per bag. Bags are sold individually, and come in green or pink, but both hold the same wonderful milk chocolate eggs. Order one and we'll choose the color for you; order more than one and we'll be sure to send you both colors (if we still have both).

Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powder, coca butter, cocoa mass, sweet whey powder (milk), emulsifier, lecithins, bourbon vanilla extract. May contain nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy.

Please note that since we are based in the Sunshine State, we ship chocolates only on cooler days (most winter and early spring days are fine). Locals may order for front porch pick up or for free delivery in the coastal Lake Worth area any time of the year. Contact us at if you have questions about this. Thank you!



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