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Shaker Culinary Herbs: Sage

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This sumptuous sage is packaged in metal tins by the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community in New Gloucester, Maine. They first began selling herbs in 1799. Historically, sage is one of the most important herbs grown by the early Shakers. Sage has a pine-like flavor with undertones of lemon and eucalyptus. Perfect with pork, poultry and in stuffings. Roast potatoes in olive oil & sage. Use to flavor cheeses. Combine with parsley to temper its pungency. Also makes a fine and healthful tea. .8 ounces.

The Sabbathday Lake Shakers' herbs are grown in gardens more than 200 years old, dried in a facility built in 1845, and packaged in tin canisters just like their forebears throughout the 1800s. Established in 1783, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is the only active Shaker Community in the world. It is America's oldest religious Community.

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