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Tea Strainer, for Loose Teas

Tea Strainer, for Loose Teas

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For years, folks have been asking us to carry the infusers and strainers necessary for brewing a good cup of Shaker Herbal Tea, and here is our favorite kind: an English style strainer. To use, simply scoop your favorite loose tea (Shaker Herbal or otherwise) into a teapot, pour boiling water atop, and let steep. When your tea is ready, set the strainer atop a mug or cup, and pour the tea through the strainer. Leaves and blossoms remain in the strainer and out of your cup. Easy, and no mess. Perfect for use with any ceramic teapot (we suggest one of Seth's Royal River Pottery wheel thrown tea pots!).

Stainless steel, 4.5" wide at the rests; the strainer basket is about 2.5" wide. This strainer is made in Japan, where folks drink lots of tea. The quality is great, too, so we feel good about this choice. 

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