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Swedish Christmas Decorations: Contemporary Santa

Swedish Christmas Decorations: Contemporary Santa

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Handmade in Sweden, these contemporary Santa figures look great on the mantel or on a bookshelf. One alone is nice, but we think they look best as a trio (and we offer the trio with a special price). The smallest is just about 5" tall; the medium one is 7" tall; the largest is 9" tall. Each measures 2" on the diagonal at the base.

Sleek contemporary design, handmade of solid wood (plus a cute red button nose) and painted by hand in Sweden, too.

We also have matching woven twill ribbon. The ribbon, which features a constant repeat pattern, is nearly 1" wide and is sold in rolls of 25 meters (nearly 27 yards)... which will help you beautifully wrap a whole lot of presents! Find the woven twill ribbon here at our online catalog, too.


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