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Swedish Christmas Decorations: Joppe Tomten

  • 2000

Handmade in Sweden of painted and natural finish woods, these Swedish tomten, who both go by the name of Joppe, have nice wool scarves and matching long woolen hats, too, to keep them warm. Their cute button noses stick out just below their hats. Two colors to choose from: one is dressed in red, the other in grey. As for measurements, both are the same dimensions: the wooden part of each  is 3" tall x 2 1/2" wide... but then add to that height the woolen cap, which adds up to 3" more height if it's fully extended (though it looks awfully cute flopped down the side, too). These two tomten called Joppe look great together as a pair, so we offer them not only individually, but also as a set of two (one red and one grey) for a special price.


46918-104 • 46918-120

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