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Swedish Christmas Decorations: Father Christmas

Swedish Christmas Decorations: Father Christmas

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Handmade in Sweden, these contemporary Father Christmas figures look great on the mantel or on a bookshelf. They may look alike, but they each have names. The largest one is called Seth and he stands 4 1/2" tall. Next in stature is Max; he's 3 3/4" tall. Then comes Pål, who is 2 3/4" tall. And finally there's Leo, who is a mighty 2 1/4" tall. Each is fun on his own and you can buy each individually, but they do like being together, too. To that end, we're offering a special price on the set of four, that includes one each of Seth, Max, Pål, and Leo.

We also have an ornament version that comes with ribbon, ready to hang on your tree.

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