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Swedish Fika Pepparkakor (Ginger Cookies), Heart-Shaped, in Tin

  • 2000

Extra special Swedish ginger snaps: These pepparkakor are heart shaped! Completely adorable and oh so delicious. Plus they're packed in a festive wintry gift tin. The cookies inside the tin are simple delicately crisp biscuits, full of warm spicy flavor (ginger, cinnamon, and cloves). Perfect with a strong cup of Swedish coffee, with afternoon tea, or with a cold glass of milk, and whilst you're enjoying your pepparkakor, you can read a brief history of this delightful cookie came to be: it's printed right on the tin. Each tin contains 10.6 ounces (1 lb. 5.16 oz) of pepparkakor (300 grams). Imported from Sweden.

Please buy a tin so we don't buy them all ourselves. We can't stop eating them!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, invert sugar syrup, vegetable oil (rapeseed), vegetable fats (shea, coconut), salt, leavening agent (sodium carbonates); cloves, cinnamon, ginger powder, natural lemon flavoring. Vegan. Allergens: tree nuts, wheat, coconut. May contain traces of oats, eggs, almonds.

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