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Tea Poem by Nick Vagnoni

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A Florida project. The poem is by Miami writer Nick Vagnoni and the artwork by Lake Worth artist John Rachell, who happens to live just up the road from us. We designed and printed this piece, which was created as part of Book Arts Miami's Sweat Project, which brought South Florida artists and writers together in a collaborative spirit under the theme, fittingly enough for Florida, of "sweat." Being the contrary fellows that we are, we opted for a poem about winter, which is why we were ecstatic about John Rachell's original drawing of trees in winter, rendered in charcoal. It was tough translating it to letterpress: It had to be printed on dampened paper with a whole lot of tympan paper on the press and a whole lot of muscle. But it was worth it. Edition of 55 copies, signed by the poet. 2012.

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